Visiting The Midlands County

A Beautiful City

sunday luchWorcester is a beautiful cathedral city, and also the country town of an old town named Worcestershire. It is located in West Midlands of England. If you are planning to visit there, then you must know that there are a lot of things to do as a tourist. You can discover more beautiful things over there than just what meets the eye, if you take the time to look. So, here is some information for you regarding what to do as a tourist such as where to go, what to see and where to enjoy some really delicious sunday lunch worcestershire, etc.

Willow Creek Olive Estate

This is a must-visit place for all the olive lovers and addicts. You have to stop by here to try and taste their different ranges of olive oils which are not available in stores. It feels amazing to know the myriad varieties of extra virgin olive oils and get to taste them.

Lunch At The Barn Gallery and Café

If you are in Worcester do not forget to have Sunday lunch over here. The foods are just amazing and you have to taste these delicious dishes. The café is beautiful, quiet and have some great workers over here. They are child-friendly and wheel-chair friendly which is a great thing. Do not forget to try their coffee if you are here.

Drive Through The Nature

The beautiful and rich natural beauty of Worcestershire will tempt you to have a long drive through these natural beauties. You must go for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A holiday is meant for relaxation and unwinding. There is no other way to do it that driving through the country side and enjoy the quiet nature and watch the beauty that lies in it. So, these three things are must for you if you are visiting Worcester. For sunday lunch worcestershire there are many more options like that Opstal Restaurant, Jason’s Hill Restaurant and Dam Fine Café etc.